Comment Policy?

My policies may seem too simple and arbitrary. Hopefully, that makes them simple enough for anyone to understand. (In case of a misunderstanding, start with the assumption that I’m right.) When I have more time, I will revise them to endow them with troll-friendly flexibility.

  • Please don’t post jerk-y stuff. Be considerate.
  • Assume that whoever reads your post knows your real name, including your wife and your boyfriend, the NSA, your mother, SIS(MI6), that nerdy kid in apartment 6B, and so on.
  • You own the content of your comment, but you give me a free license to do anything or nothing with it.
  • Lawn gnomes will pay attention to you forever and find you fascinating. I might not.
  • I can delete anything I want at any time for any reason.

Humbly, Charlie

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