Disrupted Routine

Yesterday The Weather Channel forecast that the afternoon temperature in Des Moines would “Feel Like” 113 degrees. That’s why I didn’t bicycle to the office. Last week my excuse was that the Raccoon River flooded the bicycle/pedistrian trails.

Heat indexes? Bike/ped trails? Flooded river? Back in Cupertino, California, we rarely dealt with such

things. Some summer days would reach the 90s, but we would console ourselves that it was “a dry heat.” Here, in Des Moines, with humidity about 70%, my eyeglasses fog over when I step out of an air conditioned building. This is a wet heat. As a NorCal bicycle commuter I was used to painted bike lanes or cycling in the right lane with traffic. Here, riding on paved, wide trails seems…wrong. Bikes shouldn’t be on sidewalks, even if they’re called trails. And, yes the Guadalupe River has gotten high a few times and flooded a freeway underpass. Here, cities build flood gates that can be lowered to complete a flood wall (and block a major boulevard).

So, I haven’t yet re-established a bicycle commuting routine. When the weather cools, I’ll start doing sprint intervals near Grey Lake park. When the summer turns dry, I’ll establish my new commute routines. For now, I’m coping with the disruption of old routines and establishing new ones. Yes, disrupting routines can be disconcerting, but I like watching thunderstorms, bicycling without car traffic, and walking along the river.

Disruption has both cost and value.

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